DataDEV offers reliable methodology and fully automated procedures for blurring of faces and license plates. The blurring of faces and license plates is required in order to comply privacy laws. The main function of the DataBLUR software system is to anonymize a large amount of panoramic images. Anonymization of images is done in accordance with European laws on personal data protection, so it is necessary to blur the faces of persons and license plates in the collected images.

The software system is installed in DataDEV datacenter and consists of multiple servers which can be scaled both horizontally and vertically in order to support large number of input images. DataDEV provides a way to upload large amount of images that need to be processed via WeTransfer or standard FTP.
Our servers are also located in Germany, which means that large amount of input data can also be delivered via standard data drives.

Key points

Project workflow

km of road
m between images
total resulting images
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