Let’s talk about point cloud!

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Let's talk about point cloud


Wuppertal, Germany

Surveying equipment

Trimble MX9 Mobile Mapping System

Final products

-Registered, georeferenced and colored point cloud -Matched panorama pictures on point cloud -Orbit 3DM Publisher

3D laser scanning or high definition surveys are a fast and efficient way of collecting spatial data of the environment. 

DataDEV can provide a registered point cloud, filtered to client specification.

The scope of this project was a laser scanning of 1200 km streets of Wuppertal.

A Trimble MX9 Scanner was used for data capture. All scan data was registered into a single coordinate system.

Initial processing of point cloud was done in Trimble Trident Software.

Building corner before matching process

Building corner after matching process​

Matched, georeferenced and colored point cloud

Orbit 3DM Publisher: Point cloud with panoramic images

Manual measurements:

   -3D coordinates extraction

   -length and height





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