Since the last year our company has started with a monthly team building activity that is board game night events. Regardless of weather conditions or traffic jams, there is always time and space for these events.

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Curiosity and competitor spirit among colleagues always results in great attendance. An idea and a possibility of them winning  was enough to be engaged in the games and also the fact that they would have exclusive bragging rights to the coworkers. All in good spirit and jokingly… or maybe not?! 


Every event has a different thematic that is provided by various games so the players are presented with a choice that suits their interests and affinities. 


First theme was a ‘Detective’ theme so we played games such as ‘Detective club’ and ‘Werewolf’. They require certain traits such as deduction, paying attention to details, as well as following the story. One of the other distinct themes was ‘Cartography’ so the colleagues could enjoy a game called ‘Cartographers’. The fact that almost all of the staff is geodetic, geographic or cartographic profession, you can decide for yourself if they enjoyed putting themselves in a role of a fairy-tale cartographer as they mapped and explored uncharted parts of a kingdom.  


The number of players for the games vary from a maximum of 4 players per game to a maximum of 18. Exactly these games that allow a big number of players are proven to be an absolute hit. They require patience, strategic thinking, good memory, power of negotiation and persuasion so the players are keen to immediately start a new game with an end of a previous one and to claim their revenge.  


Every time an event comes to an end, colleagues are already curious to find out what would be a new theme and what would be the names of the following games so they could plan out strategies at home and to improve their odds of winning that sweet title of a ‘Board Game Night Champion’. 

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