Employee Spotlight: Đorđe Tojić’s Journey at DataDEV

We recently marked the 4th work anniversary of Đorđe Tojić, one of our esteemed colleagues at DataDEV. His journey with us has been inspiring, marked by significant growth and achievements. Here’s an inside look at his experiences and insights as part of our team. 

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How long have you been a member of the DataDEV team? What is the biggest change on an individual level, and what on a collective level?

I have been a member of the DataDEV team for almost four and a half years, and during that period, I have witnessed significant changes in my career and within the company itself. I joined DataDEV as a final-year student in the Geodesy and Geomatics study program at the Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad. On an individual level, I completed my studies with the help of great mentors who welcomed and guided me as a young engineer. When I joined the company, it had about 15 employees, whereas today that number exceeds 70. My journey began as a student, and now I am a team leader who guides many students on the same path, acquiring new knowledge daily through various projects.

In you opinion, what is the most interesting thing about the geodesy industry?

Geodesy is a complex yet remarkably clear, precise, and accurate science. I find myself particularly attracted to applied mathematics, the intricacies of geospatial data, and computer processing. Engaging in various projects allows me to delve into this captivating and dynamic industry, which has made significant advancements in our region. The constant innovation and diverse challenges within the field drive me to continuously enhance my skills.

What is the area of ​​innovation and progress in the geodesy industry in your opinion?

Geodesy has a long history, yet its modern offshoot, geoinformatics, is a burgeoning and evolving field. While our region has not yet seen a major breakthrough in this industry, I am proud that our company has emerged as a leader in geospatial data processing and the Mobile Mapping sector. I find joy in innovation and progress, and I am enthusiastic about contributing to a team that pioneers new technologies and skills. I am certain that exciting and challenging opportunities await us.

What is your role in the team? What is your favorite aspect and what would be challenging for you?

After many years of learning and integrating management with technical aspects, expanding horizons, and developing new skills, I have transitioned to the role of Project Manager in the Point Cloud Classification team. This role is challenging, and I am grateful for the opportunity to continually learn. I am pleased that new challenges constantly remind me that learning is a lifelong journey rather than reaching a pinnacle of knowledge. Our greatest strength lies in our strong community, solidarity, and connections. Working within a team environment is the most rewarding aspect of my job.

What does being part of the DataDEV team mean to you?

As someone who embraces the spirit of an athlete, I see the DataDEV team as a dynamic and successful group, hungry for new challenges, victories, and achievements. Comparing our team to a sports team, I appreciate how we build strong bonds, grow together, forge friendships, and support one another. This team environment fuels my motivation to give my best in every project and challenge.

We are incredibly proud of Đorđe Tojić and his remarkable journey with us. His dedication, growth, and achievements serve as an inspiration to all of us. Here’s to many more years of success and innovation together.

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