Obtaining knowledge based on professional books and lectures certainly is valuable and important. On the other hand, to use that knowledge in every day work opens a whole new dimension in the path of acquiring new experiences and skills. That being said, it is important for a person to get out of its comfort zone to open up said dimension. For this reason, we are giving you an opportunity to get in touch with that dimension and sign up for the FIRST STEP internship at DataDEV company. 

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But is this exact internship just for you? Natalija, Maja, Sonja, Miloš and Dušan have all shared their thoughts regarding our program. About what they have learned, collaboration with their mentors and also about how this internship further affected their careers. 

How have you found out about the ‘First Step’ program?

For the ‘First Step’ program I found out at a student fair for the professional improvement at PMF in Novi Sad. Company representatives have presented what the company was about in an interesting way and, as a geography student (Geoinformatics module), it appeared as a right place for my first internship.

Natalija Nikolić

I found out about the First Step program from the colleagues that were already recruited, and were working in the company.

Miloš Ostojić

What was the first impression?

From the day one, up until now, a couple of months later, the impression has stayed the same. All the conditions are met for a good work, and to me personally, the most important one is that I am surrounded by good colleagues and great atmosphere at work.

Dušan Mihajlović

My first day at the company was particularly fun. Already, at the beginning of the shift, I had an opportunity to talk with a colleague from Germany. I was immediately assigned with a project, which I liked a lot. Besides that, I liked that I could talk with colleagues with no hesitation. I had no difficulties posing a question and I was always met with understanding.

Natalija Nikolić

What does this internship represent for your personal career?

The ‘First Step’ program represents an opportunity for me to learn something new every day, and to improve my knowledge and experience in the field through various different projects and assignments. I am sure that this fact will be of great value to my professional growth.

Maja Pavlović

This program represents a first step in my future career. I think that it is important to obtain working experience, good working habits and acquaintance-ships. I have learned how to get up early regardless of the mood I am in or the situations from the day before. I have experienced working on different projects, and found out that there is still a lot to learn. At the beginning, working on new projects was not easy as I was not always able to meet a daily target. Regardless, after some time, with the support from colleagues and a stronger engagement on my part, I have achieved good results. I feel like these challenges and tough moments helped me to realize that I will not always be the best, that I will not achieve everything on the first try but also that it doesn’t mean that I should quit, but to try over and over again until I achieve set task.

Natalija Nikolić

What was it like to work and communicate with your mentor?

She is very dedicated, open for all the questions and suggestions. She is someone that wants to make sure that I really understand and overcome every assignment. Always ready to give answers and to get over every uncertainty. She is a great support and both professional and personal level.

Maja Pavlović

During this program, I have worked on a several different projects so I changed a couple of mentors. Every one of them did their best to pass on their knowledge to me and to make an assignment easier.

Dušan Mihajlović

What was your favorite team building activity?

Team building themes are various and plentiful. Some of them are table tennis competition, bowling, board games and the ‘End of the Summer’ party. I would pick out a table tennis competition as my favorite because of the atmosphere that was fantastic during the matches and the end of the event was celebrated with a great BBQ.

Sonja Pavlis

Team building activities have all been very interesting and I have gladly attended them. As my favorite event, I would pick out an ‘End of the Summer’ party that happened exactly on the 22nd September.

Miloš Ostojić

If you also want to be a part of our FIRST STEP internship, send us your CV at 


Make your first step toward a successful career

The application process for FIRST STEP internship is now officially open, and all candidates will be notified about their application status in a timely manner.