On a Mission to Connect: 300+ Students taking their First step in DataDEV

Connecting with the Bright Minds of Tomorrow

At DataDEV, we live by the principle that knowledge doubles when shared and firmly believe that ideas grow and shine together. With this guiding principle, we actively seek to connect with bright young minds. Our aim is to showcase real projects, teams, processes, technologies, and internship opportunities for professional development. We recently had the pleasure of introducing our company to enthusiastic students, sharing insights into our innovative projects, and discussing various growth opportunities.

Every employee actively participates in engaging with students, academia, and student organizations. We understand the importance of internship programs, where young talents sharpen their skills on real projects, collaborate with colleagues, engage in mentorship programs, and lay the foundation for potential long-term roles within our team. Curious how many of these first steps led to full-time employment with us?

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Open Door Event – #SharingisCaring

Connecting with students in fields of Geodesy, Geoinformatics, Information System Engineering, AI & Machine Learning, Geography, and Data Science on Students’ Day, April 4th, hosted at our company, we had the opportunity to introduce all teams, from the Initial Processing and Point Cloud Classification to Registration departments, Feature Extraction, Software Development, HAD Maps, and Quality Control. Our CEO, Dejan Vasić, delivered a welcoming introduction, and our HR team presented internship and first step opportunities.  

Students visited each of the seven teams, where they had the opportunity to ask questions, exchange ideas, and learn about innovative strategies and technical development. Our employees gave presentations about project realization, guiding the students through every step of the process, from numbers to innovation, showcasing years of effort on the innovation front, and presenting progress and an amazing approach to the geodesy industry, bringing complex development strategies to light and many projects that shape our industry. Collaborating with academic representatives played a pivotal role in bringing this transformative project to life and nurturing the development of the next generation of professionals. 

After this productive event, 5 new students joined our team as first-steppers. They felt motivated to be part of the amazing revolution in the dynamic geodesy field. 

Being an Ally with the Academic Community – Utilizing Theoretical Knowledge

We had the opportunity to present our company culture, ongoing projects, technical solutions, and evaluations of the many kilometers of roads we have mapped, highlighting some challenges and progress from the 350+ projects and more than 40,000+ kilometers of Processed Data delivered in 2023. 

We had the privilege of engaging with over 50 students of Geodesy from the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Subotica. During our session, we emphasized the significance of career development and innovative design in shaping the dynamic geodesy industry. It was an inspiring experience as our colleagues shared their career journeys, highlighting the evolution of mobile mapping and the introduction of new solutions 

Students are the driving force behind future innovation

We also participated in various activities, such as the KONTEH fair at the Faculty of Technical Sciences, on the 18th anniversary of the event, in collaboration with EESTEC LC Novi Sad (Electrical Engineering Students’ European Association). With employees from different teams, we played games and quizzes with more than 100 students and created many great memories while networking with student representatives from associations and organizations, engaging them in solutions to various tasks. 

At the Faculty of Sciences, we participated in Fair of Professional Development where we were the general sponsor. During the event, students had the opportunity to engage in in-depth conversations with our HR representatives, delving into the intricacies of recruitment and selection processes. These conversations included discussions on various steps, directions, and insights into our hiring procedures. We eagerly look forward to the potential collaborations and innovative paths that may emerge as we embark on this journey together. 

If you missed us at the fair and are interested in learning more about our internship opportunities or geoinformatics, please visit our website at https://datadev-ds.com/first-step/

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